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akindplace: Liz Fosslien  

leorenart:When the exhibition was soooo good

artanotevildo:sketchesomg yurochka i love

moconiz: (っ˘ω˘ς ) ♥♥♥

story-kat:Art by aoiumetinn Posted with

story-kat:Art by  ppcandy12 Posted with

bambz-art:Otayuri - DavaiSo Otabek’s skating


miyakuli:** Permission to post it was granted

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nutmegnogart:Woops my hand slippedahh I can’t


asterhung:Baby Tiger 🐅Thank you @styleoniceartbook

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neveraines:Guess what game i’ve been playing

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story-kat:Art by AoiBaraPosted with Permission

nutmegnogart:So…my computer is away for

ivorylungs:i forgot how relaxing screencap

smutindevelopment: OtaYuri Week day 3 - Childhood

orerishu:Yurio~~! ✨✨

miyakuli:** Permission to post it was granted

miyakuli:** Permission to post it was granted

grapebl:Draw process!! :3 facebook.com/GrapeBL/

neveraines:I realised I’d never drawn Yuri

orerishu:Welcome to the Madness!! ✨

lorkami:OTAYURI - Fine leather ✧˖°ˈ·*ε-(๑˃́ε˂̀๑

bigkroha:for russian fanfiction . sorry i

jusvn:coffee date


mcki:welcome to the madness


plotindevelopment:Here’s some Yuri sketches


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smutindevelopment:Yuri visiting somewhere

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laroone:Today belongs to him

dorris518:Happy birthday to Yurio!! <3

yukipri:The Evolution of Yuri PlisetskyOr,

leyladopp:Feliz cumpleaños cabro culiao.Poto=

paraedoxon:happy birthday my precious cat

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worldofcopperwings:Digital painting practice

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annie-s-artworld: Yuri on Ice? More like