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Myungyeol's Selcas♥

onedirectionhasmyheart: I just made a horrible

hstylesblog: “I think you have to take

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e-d-w-a-r-d-s-t-y-l-e-s: Harry dropping

1ddaily-updates: Niall crying on liams shoulder.

onedirectionhasmyheart: i dont even know

onedirectionhasmyheart: lenadearest07:

Up all night tour x

design/ created by me

Design/ created by Me

glitterbutnotlitter: pretaay This is vietnam

glitterbutnotlitter: ex-oti-c: t-hickshake:

1Dinspire: If you want a happy ending you

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MY Oppa/ Hyung

choieva: Season greeting scan i want this

im-the-mastermind: 8 Icons of Myungsoo

inspiritelf: Aww myung & namu… I don’t

k-girlgroups: Requested by : soo-youngie.

infinitely501: Kim Myungsoo: From baby to

infinuest: my seven lovable boys <3 ^.^

boradorihoya: happy boy ♥

i ship this

magikyul: 2011 seoul tokyo music festival:

6 pictures of Myungyeol ^_^

Nam woohyun <3 Kim myungsoo

wat can i do to be that dog