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valyrianpoem: The Untamed //  “Lan Zhan,


Scottie Preston

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all those boys

zacefronsbf: Shawn Mendes for Calvin Klein


alexeivtoroi: Jacob Dooley by Ross Jordan

Buff Men

ibbyfashion: Jacob Dooley by Edwin J Ortega

meninvogue: Jacob Dooley photographed by

homotography: Jacob Dooley at DT Models

meninvogue: Jacob Dooley photographed by

Taurus Males

flickershawn:No plans tonight. 

sogoodco: Enrico Lavigne by Marcin Rychły

sogoodco: Enrico Lavigne

pridetraveller: Adam Jakubowski, Enrico

gay for celebrities

avatar-firelordzuko: Avatar The Last Airbender

black-plug: Renan Pacheco

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sexy-trixie08: sexy-trixie08: Coming Soon…

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thehottestmenaround: Blake McPherson https://www.Instagram.com/absolutelyblake/

thehottestmenaround: Blake McPherson https://www.Instagram.com/absolutelyblake/

barelyfamousandnaked: Absolutely Blake (pictured

thehottestmenaround: Blake McPherson https://www.Instagram.com/absolutelyblake/

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wrcowboy: Andres Camillo, on left. 

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Always Lonely, Always Bored

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