meanplastic: When you walk into your brother’s

losertakesall: the actual best moment in

aimannnnnn: This, ladies and gentlemen,

countingmycrosses: ibilateral: ferocityshedanced:

flannelssnapbacksandvans: onebigclusterfuck:

g0dziiia: I wish this was longer

mainsstream-teenss:The best ever episode

phantastic-dan: phil a present he got

wessasaurus-rex: legolokiismighty: equestrianfangirlswag:tastefullyoffensive:Animated

4gifs: So close. [video]

alkonium: Well, that certain sums up my

mildlylester:the world is not thy friend.

alexinwonderfan: How do you write PERFECT

phantasticalities: that’s so pillowphobic

5soscake-bakery: DREAMS DO COME TRUE

al-grave: There is probably a story behind

we-all-have-a-storyyy: N     O     P

fif-th-avenue: Life is weird

whedonesque: frequencyskye: Pratt is 6’2”


bisexualculture: i scrolled down for an

fitnessfeelsthisway: chemicalkidsouthernconstellation:

gettingmildlysuggestive: 1:02:48

whirlwindofemotions97: youtubehowlter:

popcultureprodigy: This is the timeline

amazinqphil: I Can't Sleep

annatheism: from this adorable, underrated

eatinganappleandcrying: ladiesintheclub:this

phanphandoms: You cannot tell me “just

squatchspeak: They were really going for