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Afro blues

African Gods in Greek mythology do exist!

I’m just a human… @aaronsgift

The world isn’t as bad as the media portrays

@aaronsgift in Barcis, Italy.

Look at my younger brother @marcuswilliams


djisjustmysirname: Or after i fell this

oddity-ofeven: fuckin-heaux: I knew it

smoketreesfuckmen: Just take the time to

struggleofanartist: I’m just trynna find

struggleofanartist: If you’re in Cali

smokeweedfuckmen: Because I Don’t care!

aaronsgift: I am coming with everything

smokeweedfuckmen: aaronsgift: I am coming

sipshealthyjuice: aaronsgift: How we fuck

Don’t come for us follow us on IG

How we fuck it up on the West Coast! @Aaronsgift

smokeweedfuckmen: aaronsgift: I am coming

I am coming with everything that I’ve got

plumpprettypisces: jervae: JerVae also

blackarchitecturalhistory: Gurunsi architecture

neutchyy: “Be the gold you wanna hold”

silk101: i can’t believe rihanna invented

psych2go: Submitted by blackchevybaby For

frontpagewoman: My goodness. The Wade’s

divines0ull: This has to become a more okay

black-culture: The Gorgeous Maame Serwaa

black-to-the-bones: A LOT OF Y'ALL are

raychjackson: Hi my name is Rachel. Im an

thegayreich:A Beautiful Revolution - Lesbian

I’m going uuuuup

sirewordplayj: Iz u down tho???

cutestboysontheplanet: Ig- _steezz__