silversprocket: nevver: Name That Space

jadedpunk: Do you follow us on Facebook

fuckyoulizprince: Go see The Queers/Teenage

thegreatkeaton: Yo dawg…. I heard you

fortheloveofpunk: News: Paint It Black to

didyouknowgaming: Mega Man 9. I fanboyed

thegeographyofnowhere: Sometimes I rip off

pinksad: OH my fucking god, my childhood

wex: morals in gaming: a king of the hill

baturday: Somewhere, deep in the underbelly

He’ll keep calling me, he’ll

the-fandoms-are-cool: thegirlofeternalbalance:

imhollyhood: Opening Sequence of Nickelodeon’s

Weird Tales Of The Ramones, this was my brother’s

didyouknowgaming: Pokemon Platinum.

nodivision: Pop-punk trout. HAhahahah,

degross: By Adam DeGross

toopunktofuck: bring your loved one (chained

yepthattastedpurple: Best cosplay ever

jadedpunk: In case you are unfamiliar with

blogwell: Susanna essentially forced me

americasleastwanted: I’m a big ol’ dork

fuckyoulizprince: ALWAYS FUNNY: NEVER GETS

jadedpunk: Glenn Danzig-tines, Part 1 Send

mitchclem: From Razorcake #71

davidbyrneownsmysoul: I don’t know how

stupidlullabies: “Fuck This, I’m Out”