her-master: Listening now?  It’s

ctboston: Make me growl louder kitten.

ctboston: Growls at my pet’s pleasure.

i-will-call-you-sir: “Oh,” she said

ctboston: She is comforted in the thought

i-will-call-you-sir: Okay, I admit it, sometimes

ctboston: At that very moment when your

ctboston: Slowly taking you. My hands upon

ctboston: This is one of my favorites…

ctboston: Comfort in the restraints, safe

ctboston: The rule was… no panties…

ctboston: His scent, his power, his mere

ctboston: Show me what you can do.

bw-picabomb: hiddenharem: (via imgTumble)

ctboston: The rush of pleasure and excitement

ctboston: She puuurrs as she welcomes her

i-will-call-you-sir: Bent to his will.

lily-xo: its so awesome i’m gonna die!

ctboston: Summer fun.

ctboston: Anything I want…

ctboston: Her heart slightly races as she

Such a cute little bow.

xspanked-masters-petx: Love our story time…