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aliascquinn: Get in your place, girl. There.

aliascquinn:I love the flexible little slut.

aliascquinn: I usually give her the bubble

aliascquinn:Cumdrunk and desperate for more.

aliascquinn: Awww, lookit the pretty puppy.

aliascquinn: Little tactics

aliascquinn: See? I knew you dumb cunts could

aliascquinn: Pretty little thing, sitting

aliascquinn: Teach her what she really is:

aliascquinn: She handed him the cup. There

aliascquinn: When you find someone like this,

aliascquinn: We both know what you want.

Keep this in mind for always.

vainempires: aliascquinn: You can play coy

alliradaye: A few weeks ago, I asked him

aliascquinn: Hell (short) - C. Quinn

secretshelf: From the moment I get home…

Curiosity doesn’t just kill the cat through

Train her until she can enthusiastically

Stay present. Feel fully. Show up for love,

floatycrownythingz:Silly. She may be silly

Yes love, you’re a tempest, With stormclouds

My last relationship left me… meaner. I

sydneyrenee55: you’re more than background

sydneyrenee55: “I hope the next time she

My puppy was having problems remembering

You were born my property, it just took meeting

rainandlovestorms: aliascquinn: sydneyrenee55:

aliascquinn: “I thank you for your part

Bringing a friend into our bed isn’t always

aliascquinn: Hell (short) - C. Quinn

aliascquinn: Some days I feel like this.

aliascquinn: Measure Forever - C. Quinn

sydneyrenee55: When Daddy buys you pretty

sydneyrenee55: sydneyrenee55: do I have

“You can’t rape the willing, but you

Some days she fights it. Some days, she’s

Today was the day I promised her she could

aliascquinn: sydneyrenee55: sydneyrenee55:

sydneyrenee55: do I have to get out of bed

sydneyrenee55: “Once, I lit his soul on

Pain or pleasure… I’ll twist

I was talking to my pretty pet ( @sydneyrenee55

sydneyrenee55: my will and self restraint

sydneyrenee55: theruleset: Fuck, there’s

I’m not paying for it - you’re

boredlittlehousekeeper: Maybe I don’t

sydneyrenee55: herliege: herliege: be-pleasing-always: