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I toast, therefore I am. #giventhatgodisinfiniteandthattheuniverseisalsoinfinite

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Only gone and bloody done it again, champion

warszawskiemozaiki:Warszawa, mural Davida

The Princess and the Orchid https://www.instagram.com/p/BvqsgocBJgcUJPHgBBt-RUJzq6CVADgWFc8xmk0/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=6j38crtxv6a5


Der Lustige Astronaut

Der Lustige Astronaut

Your annual reminder that I am awesome! Thank

jamandstuff: Raquel in Crazyhead - 1x01

misskwonjiyong1: Crazyhead - 1x05 (Raquel

Gay Lady Appreciation Station

fatangryblackgirl:This is important. IG:

judestims:Russian Blue cat in a puddle

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Der Lustige Astronaut

nnennajarae: spanishg0ld: this tweet is

harlemcollective:60 Years Ago.Harlem Chapter

gahdamnpunk:There’s literally no justifying

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niggazinmoscow: These women must not get

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haramzayn: Meet America’s first openly

scavengedluxury:Red Lorry. Great Central

Der Lustige Astronaut

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niggazinmoscow:know your rights and don’t

orion-rising: Always be vague. Say I think

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Der Lustige Astronaut

neuxr: #NoToRacism

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Der Lustige Astronaut

iwilleatyourenglish: dekpi: Anyone else getting

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Der Lustige Astronaut

Der Lustige Astronaut

Der Lustige Astronaut