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Tempore Nihil Sanat

please hate me Sir

I want to feel like this.


wannabeyourtrophywife: Everyday, work on

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Boss of your mind.

degradeabledog:Nice twist

So me.


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When I was in 9th grade, my math teacher

I can attest to that! Not a wife yet, but

dialnfornoir:Some Like It Hot (1959)

hisrachelle: Teach the children, change

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glassceilingbreakers: happy ides of march

fuckmethroughthesheets: We talk so much about

theruleset:Never underestimate the importance

Mainstream advertising thinks girls want

aly-loves-daddy:I got nervous about my exams

hard-skull-fuck: @lifelessbabygirl Really

Omg, it’s me

The Gentleman Exhibitionist

thesavagegentleman: How every good relationship

casualbrainwashing: Slavery isn’t all

You should always dress to please your Man.

justanotherdumbcunt: Don’t confuse me with,

treatmeliketheslutiam: hypdom: Good girls

Ooh, pink eyeliner! What you think, Daddy?

becausemisogyny: It can dress up for guests,

deliciae-delectae:Keep trying.

My fortune cookie fortune today. So appropriate


I love this. I think those nose hooks are

Last night I was doing laundry at a laundromat

“love” is kind of stupid. I wish

wannabeyourtrophywife: vintagebrides: Keep

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extremesadistic: searching …

Daddy made me blow Him the other day and

beastofperdition: Doormat. The rational

hedonistic-princess-g: tsouldreams: Nice


Me, sometimes. Then I get beaten and I’m

bimboficationforall: Be cute. Be sweet.Be

wannabeyourtrophywife:I love aprons! 💍