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aizenhower: This was more tasteful in my

qvoro:last one

jasdavi: here’s a bow fanart from the

barayuli: Working hard on that ghost comic~

naughtypelli:So I started watching s3 of

barayuli:More glowing dicks.Censored version

penguinfrontier: Skull x Joker

mugheyart: Hwang Seong-gyeong from Soul

barayuli: :D

struggling-brain: Also got this that’s

thensfwfandom: Barry Allen Week of Submission

daydreamerjim: Looks like someone’s enjoying

naughtypelli:Adult Wirt is just even taller

frieddough: wanted to draw an humanized Kooper

nothing-isnormal: :D done guys… I added

naughtypelli: i like overwatch a lot but

mocucumo: FFXIV Outdoor Bathtub Commission.

barayuli: 2 out of a 7 panel comic strip

baraworld: By Mentaiko

Tokyo Lovers

barayuli: Part of a little nsfw Monsterprom

dozdudz: Finally got around to finishing

nupao: Harrison Wells loves very few things.

schizoidarts:Fen, OC of TheFenDen. ^^

barayuli: Got lots more suggestions for

barayuli: What if both Brian and Oz took

sexdemonghost: Naruto x Kiba - Naruto Shippuden

barayuli:Two panels from a nsfw comic page

barayuli: Uhm, I went a bit overboard with

barayuli:Also wanted to draw Brian and Damien

schizoidarts:Elio, Team Skull OC of Izetarion.

kawaii-guys: Rex by ​杳无

charlietooga: Winner of last month’s art

thensfwfandom: thensfwfandom: This is what

suiton00nsfwdrawings: This is a CG set


machojuice: Commissions for @mon-homines

barayuli: Commission for jae.Haven’t drawn

monopeen: ᴀʀᴛɪsᴛ ─ ᴍᴏɴᴏᴘᴇᴇɴ


machojuice: NSFW Commission for @ilikegaystuffCommission

machojuice: Dan gets defeated

machojuice: Art trades

jockman87: Street Rat has to make a living!

machojuice: Patreon Reward for John M! Patreon

Breathe Yaoi

barayuli: Getting to draw a little nsfw

barayuli: I usually draw huge buff demons