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Simple portrait because I’ve been busy.

PWYW commission for @an-oreos-creamy-filling

WIP commission, taking my time with this

arcsuh: A good boy trying to get onto the

A good boy trying to get onto the teamWIP,

Sharing is caring :3cI’ll be adding this

Rough story thing from a bit ago, I like

PWYW commission for @ask-paradigm of their

After my old image where I did a space background,

I had intended to both do an alt version

I’m surprised I even had an image for each

So.. I’ve decided to bring this back starting

arcsuh: Likely the last image for this year.

Likely the last image for this year. I haven’t

I managed to fit some time in to work on

Trying to make my process more consistent.

arcsuh: Cybearpunk 3 I really love doing

Cybearpunk 3I really love doing these. But

Uncensored versions of my last few posts.FA

Experiment using my custom brush as much

arcsuh: Still changing how I mix and match

arcsuh: Not the face! Although, he doesn’t

Trying to work out different anatomy changes

@an-oreos-creamy-filling their OC Tanner.I’ve

tacklebawks:Brian got Vin a present because

Working on some stuff, not sure when I can

gre7g: Skeleton Crew, the first book of

My boy Otto top’d by @luciditex :3c And

Mmm wonder what they’re up to. Definitely

internallyarts:“it hurts…but please don’t

internallyarts:Looks like @arcsuh’s Otto

Not the face! Although, he doesn’t seem

Value painted it, tried to stop myself making

lydoesart:stream request for @arcsuh <3

luciditex:Day 53My oc is the left one, the

arcsuh:Characters belong to @alan-akita and

Characters belong to @alan-akita and their

arcsuh: Cybearpunk II Was going to wrap this

Cybearpunk IIWas going to wrap this up another

Listening to some synth and deep chiptune,

YCH results! Thanks to those who bid, characters

Painted the lines from yesterday. Still feel

coc0b3an:getting out of my art block thing

YCH auction woo-Bid here on furraffintiy

luciditex: Day 24otto for @arcsuh My boy!

arcsuh: Requested by anon I’m happy so

arcsuh:Requested by anon