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holmesillusion: Doctor Who Fest: Day 1 Favourite

0-aredhel-0: Doctor Who stickers!!

thedenimofrose: “Never cruel or cowardly.

eccleston:Happy 9/9 everybody. Have a fantastic

licieoic: “Falling In Love” - Digital

cherohero: I’ve been drawing a lot of

billie-pipers:tenrose + hugs

melty-artz:He saves worlds, rescues civilizations,

dw-edits: The Day of the Doctor (2013)

laniemoriarty: And in years to come

resonating concrete

cherohero: More Doctor & Donna, I really

Good Morning Starlight

juliastiles:#this smile

karolinadeaen:The first face this face saw.

sopheirion: make me choose: Doctor Who or

julielilac:The Doctor + cats


whovian-on-ice: doctor/rose - coupley/fluffy

stillood: not a couple

cherohero: Some Doctor & Donna!

estrangedlestrange: he saved me first,

mostincrediblechange:        Wᴇ ᴄᴀɴ

lavrelcastillo: favorite ladies: rose tyler

preciousyorkshiregallifreyan: Look at these

draomelette: Personal Space  I don’t usually

twissyy: Make Me Choose: Rose Tyler or

fadewithfury: thirteen/rose moodboard What

dearemma: because this is who they are,

forgediinfire:           The  Universe 

estrangedlestrange: he saved me first,

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queeenpersephone: rose and the doctor →

Never Going To Leave You

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panlyra: Random gifs of Rose Tyler [35/?]

His Pink And Yellow Human

arkytiorthebadwolf: [Well hello everyone,

bb-8: ROSE TYLER ICONS - requested by anonymous

accio-ares: how long are you gonna stay with

[ So here he is in all his amazing glory! 

Waldo and Carmen saying HI and happy Halloween

[Costume test! ;D My husband is gonna be

atimelordswife: This moment was one of the

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