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louisegluck:George Seferis, from “Sleep

heaveninawildflower: Colour illustrations

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ishikorokoroishi: flower

hongrie: head over hairs for you, marie

before-life: by d-yohoui

In spite of everything

In spite of everything


lsleofskye: Peaceful Dawn

comfortspringstation: Fall MistPhoto via

redlipstickresurrected:Shirō Kasamatsu aka

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gaptoothbitch:JEAN PAUL GAULTIER HC SS 2008

requiem-on-water: The Birds  by David

Ma il buio si può colorare (?)

clockbirds: new wings.> my art tag

heaveninawildflower: Botanical illustrations

invisible string

megairea:C.P. Cavafy, from The City (tr.

nemfrog:“A swarm leaves the bee tree.” Among

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biomedicalephemera: unnaturalist: by Alexandre-Isidore



Malkavian Madness Network

sesiondemadrugada: Annabel Oosteweeghel.

redlipstickresurrected:William Scully (American,

Malkavian Madness Network


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before-life:by jacopo

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ishikorokoroishi: flower

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