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happybbh: ‘light’ special merchandise

happybbh: ‘light’ special merchandise

happybbh: ‘light’ special merchandise

happybbh: ‘light’ special merchandise

happybbh: paintbrush | do not edit

baekonbaek: i miss my handsome boy

sefuns:Happy BBH on the set ✧ Way BAEK


happybbh: 210330 lysn update 

happybbh: 210328 88bbong instagram update

sefuns: “I’m always thankful. I’m

happybbh: please always be happy ♡

sefuns:Tips, on how to properly listen to

soyums: BroadHyun reacting to SHINee’s

baekonbaek: ♡ baekhyun reacting to shinee

exo-stentialism:sweet baby boy ♡

sefuns:Baekhyun — 「BAEKHYUN」 Album

happybbh: mamoribaek

happybbh: mamoribaek

happybbh: 210119 exo_news_jp twitter update 

happybbh: Chihiro_56

happybbh: baekhyun × burberry trench bespoke

happybbh: hav_courage

happybbh: hav_courage

fckbbh: precious Baekhyun getting ready

happybbh:cutie kyoong & his backpack

exo-stentialism: i’ll be barbie and baekhyun

creker: 3/∞ KPOP MVs baekhyun, un village (2019)

happybbh: the sweetest smile! ✧ ‘get

hyunniebaeked: Baek♡Ten // SuperM for Elle

soyums:HE 😍

fckbbh: Baekhyun x TIRTIR

exo-stentialism: UN VILLAGE × OBSESSION

elyxion:Monster (2016) → BBH 

fckbbh: the handsomest man alive

exo-stentialism: precious little angel ♡

exo-stentialism:precious little angel ♡

soyums: BAEKHYUN ✦ ’Get You Alone’

baektens:baekhyun ♡ get you alone

tipannies: [Beyond LIVE – BAEKHYUN ✶

exo-stentialism:。˚⋆ THROUGH THE LYRICS

fckbbh: [Beyond LIVE – BAEKHYUN : LIGHT]

jissoyaa: Amusement Park 🎠

fckbbh: light of my life 

byuntoro: baekhyun ⋆ burberry x harper’s

adorkableejit: BAEKHYUN - ’Amusement Park’

exo-stentialism: EXO ♡ Unfair @ SBS Inkigayo