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That bra is a miracle of engineering, with

Black girls rarely star here on Tumblr. This


Imagine someone drawing a moustache on the

Like Mary, Lucy loves to see her photos reposted,


Miss Kiki Kakuchi. Dream on, guys…

Mary Trosky of New York State. All of Mary’s

The note reads, “Hi! Just me, Sue,

Magnificent, unfettered exuberance. Anyone

Lady Reba in soft, satin lingerie. My alarm

With boobs that sumptuous the water can’t

If it’s a diet book she doesn’t

Yummy, isn’t she?

Miss Kiki Kakuchi in resplendent repose…

Plus-size girls look lovely from *every side…

Clever, no?

Lady Reba. No words are needed…

How you fit that much luscious booty in one

Like a beautiful, warm, curvy waterfall…

artofamaturewomen:Going on a 14 day cruise

Miss Mary Trosky of New York State. Photo

Miss Mary Trosky of New York State. Photo

Miss Mary Trosky of New York State. Photo

Miss Mary Trosky of New York State. Photo

The note reads, “Here we are at the

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Lady Reba in full bloom…

‘Warp-factor three, Snotty!’

Somehow, it all fits in the camera…

Miss Danica Collins for all those who manage

Cheryl. Need I say more??…

I don’t know her name yet, but her

The hair may be tinted but the figure is

The delicious Madam Butterfly sent a little

Miss Kiki Kakuchi. Dream on, gentlemen…

Mature women are sexy, Plus-size is sexy.

Blond, cute, and curvy to boot. What more

Lady Reba celebrating the first day of Spring

I’m ready when *you are!

outdoornetwork: Some of us older less shapely

undergroundbh: If you like chubby granny

This delectable lady could wear a burka inside

Caroline proving that, with older women,

au naturel among nature.

Proof from the 80s that plus-size has *always

How can any sane man not love this sexy lady??…