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Sorry this one’s a little text-heavy. It’s

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“So… I heard you

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“Are you Mr. Summerson?

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“If you be my goldfish,

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“You should come

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“Will you be the

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I guess people

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“You put the ‘bae’

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“An east wind isn’t

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“A tire lever isn’t

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“You be the potatoes

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“Don’t worry,

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“You may have made

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“Appearing in my

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“The whole world

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I would never put

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“Becoming a figment

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I would never tell

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“Is there a ball

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I would love you

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“You’re so great,

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“Are you Helen Louise?

In Eurus’s defense, Sharon from the PTA

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I’d let Angelo

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“When I tried to

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“Honey, you should

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I want to express

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“You make me so

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I couldn’t keep

“Are you the Diogenes Club? Because you

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I’ll be the knife

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I would dress for

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“It’s going to

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I would make you

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“It’s a good thing

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I regret deleting

bbcsherlockpickuplines: “When I say ‘Vatican

bbcsherlockpickuplines:“I know caring is

bbcsherlockpickuplines: “Wanna U.M.Q.R.A.?”

bbcsherlockpickuplines:The best of “Shezza,”

bbcsherlockpickuplines: “You don’t need

I… I don’t even know, you guys.

bbcsherlockpickuplines: “Would you like

bbcsherlockpickuplines:Your admin ran out

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