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CTN 2018 is over and I couldn’t be more

Helloooo everyooone!! @angiensca and I are

HAPPY HALLOWEEN BATSIE! The best halloween

4th and LAST Bookmark I’ll be bringing

3RD Greek Myth Bookmark design FINISHED!!

Pulled an all nighter to also send this Second

The Birth of Aphrodite!! Here is the first

So here it is!! The Cat is out of the bag!!

Stay tuned on these next couple of days!!

Here are all the Overwatch Ladies together!!

Took a while but FINALLY! My OVERWATCH Lady

Sooooo here is a little sneak peek to my

When you travel with Super Artsy friends

Sitting at the Airport and a bit overwhelmed

And here is my second @barbie made to move

Finally was able to take decent pictures

Thank you so much for the Overwhelming response

Just finished the Cover Piece for my Baroque

I decided to redo this piece because I felt

Back with My Baroque Sleeping Beauty!! Here

Quick Valkyrie sketch I did during meetings

I quickly did this Queer mime to celebrate

Hello! I know this is a bit rushed but COMMISSIONS


So this is a side project that I started

Widow Sketch to wind down for tonight

A tribute to @anjohink original Characters!

Okay third and last @sutanamrull illustration

Couldn’t sleep so I drew another amazing

Finally was able to do MOIRA!! Only Brigitte

I was feeling nostalgic so I did this @sutanamrull

I had so much fun this weekend!! Now back

It’s meee, looking at nothing in particular

Chilling (at Mutriku)

Weekend trip to the Shore with some peeps

Finally free enough to post my #metsona

Had a little free time this weekend so I

Repost because I guess this counts as my

Hey guuuuys! First of All THANK YOU! Thank

Finally Got some down time so here is the

Sorry I haven’t post art in so long! I

Here is my #artvsartist

Who else is as excited as I am for Kigndom

@chihirohowe ‘s part of our Collab

So last CTN I had the pleasure to meet in

#trixieweek is Ending today with the Premier

Just hit 10k FOLLOWERS on Insta! And I will

#trixieweek comes to an end Tomorrow but