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一生愛の人生よ SasuSaku❤️

shamylicious-blog: this was the wip for

bakapandy: AU where Shukaku went back to

jomaitje: Go shopping with your uncles they

bakapandy:  Don’t mind me just CRYING

narutodweeb-kami: I think it’s starting

prettynpanic: 4licia: Why did one basketball

Sweet Moans ❤

The Best of Tumblr

The Best of Tumblr

sasughke: My piece for the SasuSaku 365


America’s Next Top Best Friend

leannewoodfull: glam-hutchence: 0hana-m3ans-f4mily:

ultrafacts: Source: [x]Click HERE for more

memehumor: I love glasses cleanin’ month



Sweet Moans ❤

ultrafacts: Source: [x]Click HERE for more

red-lipstick: Kimsooja 김수자 (South

len-barboza: 赤と緑

n64thstreet: The cruelest of the cruel HIMself,


animationsource: CLARA IN BARBIE IN THE

tumblinwithhotties: ^same

westbor0baptistchurch: gracethelostgirl:

jjingureum: Nantsu : LucyLucy: why?Natsu:

beyoncescock: LMAO THIS

America’s Next Top Best Friend

queen-garfield: lamorbidezza: Make-up at

sugargodcomplex:bogleech:pretty real shit

liberaljane:Disabled people’s lives aren’t

loumargi: Under the Oak Tree by Siana Park

mini artist ♥twitter @leolove760


choochofcolor: thetrippytrip: The man-free

crimsonrealthanks:moonlandingwasfaked: classicmeevs:

chatnoirinette: guess who’s been rewatching

ezzelbean: the-last-hair-bender: I have never



Wandering to the ends of the Earth

Wandering to the ends of the Earth

ydotome: Sesshoumaru (殺生丸) - Hanyou

sweet-asian-paradise: My heart. ♥ Moroha

eugeniachbib-draw: Better late than never

sasusakumyotpforever: ♡ Like Mother,