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disproven: disproven: OH THANK FUCK. I

Magneto very long legs

romantic-dystopia: ”I was watching you

xxxxxx6x: Goodbye my lover.Goodbye my friend.You

hana-yome: by (**bossacafez)

theletteraesc: Two strangers bump shoulders.

pangeasplits: garnetquyen: Charles did

Everybody lies

luninosity: intowhiteness: blktauna: codenamecesare:

fullcravings: Peppermint Brownie Ice Cream

luminary1412: Logan will be the key person

For the procrastinators (i.e. ikeracity),

cakeis: [ 6 : 5 7 A M ] < > 

Johnlock Hell

cakeis: So I couldn’t find any postcards,

loobeeinthesky: urm this is the first of

thewatermelonsmiles: James McAvoy watercolor

all the years wasted fucking each other charles

So I couldn’t find any postcards, but

gasstation: James McAvoy photographed by

Together we shall ignite an inferno

palalife: I didn’t know I miss the rain

foxkurama: Hahaha~ my friend want to see

kasryalart: I know this is not very creative

luminary1412: For《恋爱=?学分》

motleypatches: mrkinch: This set is fabulous!

[ 6 : 5 7 A M ] < > 


I can’t hold it in anymore !!!


theletteraesc: ugh

xxxxxx6x: The continuance of Cherik in this

zoinks !

anisterzz: ❝ Convince me… of all this. ❞

synekdokee: mvyflower: Trailer still of

garnetquyen: I was trying to cheer myself

cheezybananaz: exam week frustrations

…!!! ( < )

nadi-kon: Michael Fassbender photographed


Daaaadddyyy no more genetics please

seonee: James mcAvoy 이 얼굴에 좋아죽습니다

Raven. They found out. They’re after Erik.


cakeis: Remember when you first found out

alice-blake-art: Bad things come in twos.

“Charles, we need to go.. They’re closing

cakeis: Charles, he’s dead. You can’t