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I’m not late for Christmas, I’m

See there are rewards for good behavior.



Oh yessssssss.

Don’t mind if I do.

So you are happy when I break the rules?

Everything has a price or a consequence.

Heartwarming. Chastity device added in Photoshop

I think this is what a lot of guys think,

Let’s hope for the former, shall we.

The little head rules, unfortunately.

Honoring the past’s legacy is important.

Simple and true. I love that she doesn’t

See other pictures and captions with this

I did not know that. I wish I did not know

There are always horny guys around who would

Why hasn’t some enterprising person

I don’t know why I keep making these

The details, always the details.

Uh would a day per minute be sufficient?

I’ve been thinking more about cosplay

The caption sort of says it all.

Is that what they say?

Sure hope those penis enlargement gimmicks

It is a sobering thought when you put it


Simple explanation.

Thanks for reminding me what’s important.

At a party next weekend. “Are you the

I’ve got to believe that there are

Looks like she means it, no negotiation,

Just being logical.

That has a familiar ring to it, even if the

A surprise awaits.

Oh you can count on it.

Really? She didn’t know?

OK so we’ve established that if men

Well it couldn’t be good.

Oh no reason. Even in my CB the office

I shudder to think but won’t have to

What’s that you’re reading?

Hard to tell but those really are the same

I love how the tone changes from the first

How romantic.

Put a like on the picture if you think she’s

“Thank you for your consideration,

If he is wondering how she found out then