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Testing my luck one final time!I recently

Testing my luck here, let’s go~!I recently

I recently held a Mystery Gift Auction where

This has accidentally become Sinikka’s

Forgot to post this sketch here~!Heart hands

POV: You’re at a party and the local

Everyone’s favorite half-genie hero, SHANTAE~!Also

Let’s see how long this stays up…Sinikka

You summoned?Just a lil’ something of my

Meowy Cwismas~! uwu uwu uwu

Cait’s Call parts 3 & 4 now available!With

Uh oh! The Censor Demon strikes again!Cait’s

cheshirecatsmile37dump: Bidding for this

Bidding for this YCH is now CLOSED!Winning

Time for tentacles~!Commission for Aoi of

Commission for Meileo of their draebabe LunareeAlso

New art update now available on Hentai Foundry

New toobadforthischristiansite commission

Introducing my new succubus babe, Sinikka~!She’s

Commission for Lucky of their absolute cutie

Commission for sexyjedi of their draebabes

I’m sure this blog is dead to the world,


Commission for Coldbrush of their gorgeous


Happy Halloween~!Have a quick Madii sketch

One Finger Selfie YCH for Nyxxie of their

Long overdue YCH commission for Cythis of

Work in Progress~

Raffle prize for damndirtyfurry from the

Commission for @jdeko of their adorable pup

Messy Madii doodleBecause everyone is talking

WIP of the next comm for Drizz!Because I



Best girl Shinobu Oshino commission for one

The commissioner for this sketch is MIA and

Anios~!My favorite museA commission for the

Since art vs artist is making the rounds

Last, but not least, we have Kasyyra!Play

Last set of busts I did in 2016 for CoC2!Leorah,

Next pin up for CoC2 is a peek at an upcoming

Back at it again with some CoC2 busts!From

No no no, it’s a free public release. Anyone

Corruption of Champions II has launched!Way

Commission for MysticLad of their Draebabe

Took a small break to make Madii my experimental

Commission for Kaylee!Their kitsune cutie