balls worked from Reddit

Cock and Ball Torture ideas Put clothes

x666wildxjaguar777x said to funsexydragonball:

msdbzbabe: I hope DBSuper gives me more

aceliousartsxxx: I thought for those waiting

Ohmygosh! I can finally post the last two

vsymbiote said to funsexydragonball: Could

Decided to submit part of this comic a little

I’ve been working all day, needed

I’m starting to like doing these quick

My thought process working on this last night: “Goddamnit!

How come there’s little to no Baby

Of course, Vegetto’s implying he’s

This is from one of my few artists that I

ratofponi: I felt like drawing cock after

Testing out new render setting and the new

Worked more on commission today, did this

Finally getting back to drawing! I’m

Sorry for lack of updates, guys. Been working

Working “hard”

By request…more formal wear, which

Another quick (and shorter) animation test!

open-wet-fuck-hole: meta-flesh: well trained.

When your boss calls you over to make up

This is why mixed wrestling won’t work.

Thats the kind of office I want to work in!

pornokaos: Those balls need some hard work….

Finally finished this. It was a lot of rendering

tsaiwolf: Post-Work Jack Jack just got off

Nice tight balls. I’m surprised how many

she’s been working on that drool. @hotballgags

bjaddict: this what you wanted baby? I

3 ½ pounds of weight in a soft leather

worked-up-so-sexual: -W

Oh yeah! Nip and ball work really turn me

voyeurgg: Knuckle sandwich on nuts………………………..

Working out with weights ;-)

Working Late - The secretary was unaware

Customized order, extra descriptive caption,

i drew broly from Dragon ball z.but from

This is not an ongoing comic! Just me messing

mrjoe-z: @funsexydragonball Hi, I love your

msdbzbabe: The newest Dragon Ball Super Broly

bound-indulgence:This is Aiden. The perfect

Commission work, amazing Dragos Syko as Kakarot

silverjow: Commission work, amazing Dragos

Beautiful boy! Is he going to get his tight

scaffies: Here is the link to a new Ballbusting

Crawls into a ball and cries at the amount