futa from Reddit

Blog needs more Futa!

Sirmeepington asked me to provide Succubus

Looks damn painful to me, but I’m not

For everyone that needed some hawt elf futa

We love a little futa on futa and I know

Just a little futa on futa action to get

“Cloud it’s not what it looks

Loli futa is best futa? Also I quite enjoyed

When two cute futas find each other <3

So out of interest, who’s told someone

Love this image from Nyuuzi!! Now I want

I prefer my futa to not be phantoms, but

I’m not into futa-on-futa but this is stunning.

queer-4-futa: Yay! Futa on Male!! She’s

futa-futa-futa: PernaLonga That’ll teach

rainbow-flyer: Just in time for Futa Friday,

futa on horse

DTiberius draws such great futas, it’s

futa schoolgirls looking for a sissy schoolboy

futa love

futa MILFhe’s 18

futa the barbarian

Futas are everywhere!

2-panel, before-and-after transformation

somewhat more original. the futa/pegging

Cool, a futa anime movie clip. Too bad they’re

inkstash: Quick sketch tonight before bed.

“Futa friends try out a new cat cafe,

beautiful futa, beautiful art, too bad its

“Futa mother fucks her son/daughter

“Futa mothers fucking their sons in an

futa-futa-futa: Modeseven a recent classic.

Here are the 3 panels in sequence illustrating

queer-4-futa: The few panels of “Beach

Family Fun at the Beach :  “Man getting

futas are so smug

love to see a version where “Lucky Pierre”,

Down to Clown :  “Teen boy goes

femboi-under-all: Mother’s Day (Shower

femboi-under-all: Priorities Pt.4 The


heyitsyagurlkim: futa-futa-futa: Nyxon

femboi-under-all: Date! The mother-futa’s

queer-4-futa:Eric Stanton, the pioneer king

femboi-under-all: Switch “Mom futa

femboi-under-all: “Futa Mom & Friends

femboi-under-all: A Hard Lesson “Male

Fine Futa Farm “Newly hired young