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tsukimqru: 09.01 / happy birthday kokoro!

eisorus: spoooooky halloween!!! 

awkitsu: ✨ 🌸 ✨

itsmieille:thinking v hard abt matsuhana

confused-teacher: elfwreck: onemuseleft:



thecollectibles:Art by Mikko Eerola

xiaoxiongmaoyuugi: Étoile Stage has officially

xiaoxiongmaoyuugi: 2 days to go!


eicinic: It’s here!!!!!!!!!! / SCREAMS

tsukimqru: 4.30 | happy étoile stage release

days-e:So happy that a new Animal Crossing

k-eke:No one’s around to help.

i figured i’d post this here too; i tried

achilles’ heelys

wingedcorgi: netflix’s witcher with game-style

alparial:Pastel Noodle Dragons

night goblin

quantummindclassicalheart: To clarify, they


kaziearts: I love t h i s man

inquissien: fanart of Stolas from Helluva

hitsuji log

kuwuri: A few Pokémon that I used to draw

gahdamnpunk: It’s almost like the producers

💙 💗 🤍 💗 💙

Only the living know victory

kiera–b: baby….

stability:reblog if you’d end a date if

cherrifaerie: extremely important crossover

skitpost: holy grail

mawiliita: 1-800-HOTLINEBLING 🔪✨



harisen-poke: 不遇なフグ

harisen-poke: Jirachi Color change ver

ryneshi: it’s getting a little cold lately ☕

arcadehealer:The original Gamer Kid!  ♥️

naruanzu: 🌺 happy birthday! (9/1)


thatpettyblackgirl: And pay no tax on that

clawmarks: Steinlein - Les Maîtres de l'affiche

vjblenhereagain: I’m more of a dog person

azurill: Ꮚᵕ̤ꈊᵕ̤Ꮚ woo…..

soft–dogs: spent a good chunk of yesterday